3 Ways to Boost Your Team’s Morale During a Losing Week

We got the chance to sit down with Carli Figlio and talk to her about how to keep morale up on losing weeks. When we sat down and spoke with her, they were heading to play a top five school that weekend. So she laid down exactly what they do to bring the moral up.

Make small goals and win the small battles.

It is hard if you are losing consistently but you need to stay focused on the smaller details. Winning the first five minutes of the game, and then continuing to break the game down more. You must make sure to continue to build their confidence and learn from why you are losing. Learning is the most important thing.

Get back on the right track.

We will watch a lot of film and usually it is simple stuff you can fix that you notice when you look back. Breaking it down to technical or just small things within the team. So you have to attack it and move it around to be successful in the future. You can't do the same thing and expect different results. One of the most important things is to be honest with yourself and your team. That is the only way you will improve.

The same training doesn't work for everyone.

We push harder. The only person that can pick you up when you are down is yourself. It is not realistic to come off the gas. We push and talk to them about the hurdles and understand each athlete is different. You must understand their physical and mental game to get to the other side.  Your players need to reorganize themselves and try to get more from themselves. As a coach – you have to help them find that inside. If you let up and give them a break it actually is worse for their game and for them in real life as well. A lot of times it is simple thing of just motivating them as the team and the coach keeping them mentally in it.


For Carli – she applies everything from her team to real life. She tries to prepare them for real life.  Work ethic is everything. Once they graduate in four years they have these tools.

Thank you Carli for your time and support.