How to Avoid Distractions as a College Athlete

Proven Muscle sat down with one of our badass athletes, Kimberly Baligian, to discuss how she dodged distractions during college as a Division I athlete.

Starting college was a huge adjustment for Kimberly. She was juggling classes and field hockey commitments, while being away from home for the first time.

“My plate was full, and my days were fast paced,” Kimberly commented. “Trying to balance everything was difficult at first, especially since there were so many distractions. But I made it work and learned a lot about myself along the way.”

Here are three things Kimberly suggests doing to stay focused at college:

1. Find a mentor.
Kimberly’s field hockey coaches had an open-door policy and encouraged athletes to use it. “The coaches were always really helpful,” Kimberly expressed. “They were a great outlet and always willing to talk and give advice.”

2. Surround yourself with people with the same goals.
Kimberly realized early on that her teammates had the same goals, and they strived for those goals together. We had big influences on each other,” Kimberly said. “The underclassmen had a lot of respect for the upperclassmen and their goals. Our team did a lot of things together, so we weren't really partying or things like that.”

3. Learn how to prioritize.
Writing things down, making lists and having a planner helped Kimberly stay organized. “Even just having a laundry day or a down-time day was important, so I had to figure out time management,” Kimberly explained. “Learning how to prioritize things was really important to me as both an athlete and a student.”

We thought this was a great piece of advice—not just for students but for life after college. Kimberly couldn't agree more. “Prioritizing helped me succeed in college and in my professional life. I know how to manage my time so I never miss deadline,” Kimberly said.

Kimberly was a member of the Monmouth University Field Hockey team and trained with Proven Muscle. We thank her for her continued support and time.