"His patience and understanding transformed me into a new person!"

Since i was a child I have always played baseball and soccer. At the age of 17 i sustained a significant shoulder injury that ended my athletic career. I began not taking very good care of myself and blamed my shoulder for it all. My eating habits became worse and worse and i completely stopped exercising. In august of 2016 i decided to change that and began training with Ray. I was 210 pounds when we began and was not capable of doing even basic exercises and activities. During our first session Ray took the time to examine my entire body to see where my weaknesses were and to figure out the best program to fit my specific needs. I couldn't even lift my shoulder up over my head and it always made a popping sound. My posture was also off and causing other pains to occur. As soon as we began training i noticed a HUGE difference in my abilities. After 1 month i was able to use my shoulder like there was nothing ever wrong with it! My posture became just about perfect and just felt fantastic overall. All of this while steadily toning all of my muscles and losing fat. With his patience and understanding of the human body and my injuries, I have transformed into a new person! I am now 172 pounds, toned everywhere and injury free. I am now living the life I have always wanted to live and look like the person I knew I could always be and it is all because of his expertise.